Hi. My name is Julie...and I'm a blogaholic. Some of my favorite things are -family, church, food, American Idol, vacuuming (I'm so OCD), blog surfing, and decorating. I've had lots of people ask me where "Leelou" came from. When I was 3 my friend Jason Johnson (if you're out there Jason let me know! I'll make you a free header) couldn't say my name, so he called me Leelou and it stuck as a nickname.

I'm a stay at home Mama with 2 little kiddos and my husband is an elementary school teacher so obviously any additional income is always a plus. I started making headers for friends and family but after awhile most of them got annoyed with me throwing new headers at them every week. So hopefully now I can help you have a stinking cute blog while I get my blogging/photoshop fix each day.
If you just can't get enough of me, you can read more here.

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